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Get a China visa in Macau: Latest report from the scene

This is a first-hand report from the China Travel Service (CTS) agent in Macau, from a friend of mine. No guess. Real experience.
The restrictions imposed on Hong Kong are now applied to Macau as well. Like Hong Kong, 33 countries’ citizens are banned from applying for a China visa in Macau, unless they are working or living in the city: Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Bangladesh ,Congo, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, lraq,  Mali, Libya, South Africa, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan,  Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey, Mauritania, Saudi Arab, Sierra Leone, Syria.

The ban is being vigorously implemented. A Nepalese trying to get a Visa in Macau had been going to the CTS for three days in a row, but each time, he told my friend, his application was turned down. There is no other alternative but he has to go back to his home country to apply for a China visa.

If your country is not on the list, do not assume that you can still get a 30-day or 60-day tourist visa. You will be given a 7-day visa only! And for this 7-day visa, you have to show the following:

1. financial statement
2. foreigners are required to show the hotel reservation during the period of travelling in China
3. a flight booking of leaving China is also necessary in order to prove their schedule of departure

You will get a small piece of paper with the above instructions (in the exact wording) when entering the Macau CTS office (the one in the city centre, not at the pier) for a China visa. So these requirements are “official”.

For item 1, you can choose to show cash equivalent to US$700, if you do not show your financial statement.

“I saw a European couple put down US$700, flight tickets and hotel coupon on the table, and the staff examined them. It is a serious business,” my friend reported.

For a 7-day visa, you pay 500MOP (Macau Pataca) if you want to get it the following day. Or you pay 210MOP for a normal service that requires 4 working days.

A Lebanese, in chatting with my friend, said he had business in Guangzhou, and could not extend his visa there. So he came to Macau to try his luck. He first went to the Commissioner’s Office of China’s Foreign Ministry in Macau, only to be told that “it is illegal to issue him a visa”. So he came to the CTS office and was given a 7-day visa, a visa that is far shorter than he wanted, but then it is still a visa.

It seems that it may be easier to get a China (tourist) visa through the CTS rather than through the government channel, and Hong Kong and Macau may no longer be the haven for China visas, at least not until the Olympics is over.  


Get a China visa in Macau

Get a China visa in Macau (part 2)

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hello am a rwandan i would like to inquire apply for f visa in macau,bt i dont know how to get to the embassy, ist possible to get f visa in macau?,what is their application instructions?

Hello,i am from uzbekistan , i was china , my chinese visa expired in 12 oct,i want go to macao and get the chinese visa (F,6mouth/2times) in macao for china. can you help me ? and How much is the cost?

What is the date of your ‘Get a China visa in Macau: Latest report from the scene’, please? Is it 2009, or does it relate to the Olympics period? Many thanks.

How about more dates on your content, something many websites cvould benefit on :)

I’m British and my wife is Philippine.
I have and employment offer in Gaungzhou.
Can we get ‘Z’ visa in Macao?

please can you tell me if igo to macau can i get visa or ishould back to my county iam from D.R.C CONGO KINSHSA

iam a congolese and i’ve been in china for many times but now i’m in HONG KONG try to ask chinese visa but they don’t want to give even thought mycountry is name in the list of those who should have visa so with chinese visa you should be care fool

dear madam i am from nigeria i just want to know how much it going to cost me to get my china visa

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am from Nepal and visa gonna expire soon. Now olympic is over so I would like to know is it possible to apply visa in Macau?If possible how long I can get? Hope your nice response ASAP. Thanks.

I am a Nigerian who will be travelling to China to start my Masters program. I visited Macau and will like to know what I will present for my student visa application.
My studies is a scholarship program sponsored by the University where I will study in Beijing China.

Please advise me.


Izu Ben

hey h r u i am from pakistan and i need a visa of macau as soon as possible can u tell me what the things i need for visa i hope u answer me fast

regards n

i am a passport holder of bangladesh, but have resident permit from taiwan roc. can i get china visa from macau?

i am From Egypt i wonder if i can apply after the olympic for chinese visa in hong kong or not ? and when they wil start again to issue visas for the banded mentioned countries?

Yep. Just returned from the CTS office in Macau, where we were informed that a seven-day visa, which will cost more than 1400 MOP, is the best we can hope for…what a bummer. Trying to figure out what to do now!

Thanks for posting this information.

This is sad I didn’t read your blog before!!!

From Shanghai, we went to Guangzhou then moved to Macau to renew the Visa. It was a wrong move! We should went back to PSB in Shanghai to renew for a second and last time inside China.

We went to CTS on june 9, 2008 and we got 7 days visa. But we were “lucky”… some got only 3 days!

Now we are in Shanghai and we went directly to PSB to extend the visa and they answered that they can only give us 7 or 10 days because the current visa is 7 days!

The only thing I am mad… is that nobody can explain why! Ho well I think we will go back Canada sooner than I though and come back China after the Olympics! :-)

I am a UK citizen and got my Chinese visa in 1 day in the CTS in Macau on 2 May 2008. Dropped my passport and supporting docs off at 930am, and collected my visa at 5pm that day. It cost me HKD950. My air tickets show that my trip is only for five days (I’m in China now) so I only got a 5-day visa.

BE CAREFUL if you are flying from Shenzhen into China – if your return flight (like mine) arrives in Shenzhen late you run the risk of being in China without a valid visa… I am wasting precious holiday time trying to get it extended here…

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