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Get a China visa in Macau (part 2)

To apply for a China visa in Macau, you can also go to the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Macau, besides the China Travel Service (CTS) agent mentioned.

The advantage of applying for a visa here is that the fee is lower. But it also means that speed will be compromised. It normally takes three days to process a visa, regardless of the type of visa applied for. There is express service, but extra fee has to be paid.

Take one-entry China visa. CTS charges 210MOP, but you can have it the following day. If you go to the Office of Commissioner, you pay only 150MOP, but it will take 3 workings days before the visa is ready.

The good news is that the Office of the Commissioner has an English website to explain all the China visa matters.

Add: No. 992, Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau
Tel: (00853)7915126
Fax: (00853)7915102


Macau Visa

Multiple-entry China visas stopped

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My 3 friends and I are Cambodian. We have to attend friend’s wedding in Macau. What should we do and what are the requirements? anyone knows could you pls advise. Thank you

Hi…now im at guangzhou….i wanna go to macau…but my china visa is singgle entry…can u help me ?

hi!im from the philippines and i was in hongkong last week and now in macau as a tourist i would also like to visit china.can i get a tourist visa to china here in macau?

Hi! Im from Phil. I have a boyfriend in hawaii he is hawiian citizen. We want to get merried in macau what are the requirements? soljose83@yahoo

I was in China for 1 year, Nov 2013 to Nov 2014 on a multi-entry business visa. I went to hong kong to apply for a tourist visa back into China. My application was denied. Will I have a better chance applying for a tourist visa to China in Macau? I meet all of the requirements of my business visa while in China.

Can i get china visa in Macau because my visa not is about to expired in July 29 but i want to stay longer with my fiancee here in China? I have been 3 times in China… Please help advise.. Thanks.

I am Australian and have been in China for the last 1 year with F visa, I have just renewed my F visa in Guangzhou for one month only. They did not accept 2 months unless I get a letter from an Employer.
I need another month ( any type) visa because I have already booked and purchased my air flight to Melbourne on 24th of January 2014.
1. Is it possible that I can get a one month visa in Macau? I only need 10 days though for my travelling from Guangzhou to Melbourne, Australia.
2. How to get a bus to Macau from Guangzhou, what is the bus number?
3. Do I have to stay one night in Macau?
4. If so, is there any hotel near the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Macau, besides the China Travel Service (CTS) agent ? if so, what is the address, email or phone number?
Thank you very much. Your help and early reply will be very much appreciated.

am a nigerian passport holder pls how do i get macau visa on my passport.

Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me, because I am very confused.
I need to leave china in 3 weeks, because I have stayed here for 6 month on my F visa as an intern.
I am an Ukrainian citizen, so its quite complicated and almost impossible to go to Hong Kong. So I thought about going eater to Russia or to Macau.
I read that its possible to get a visa for Macau directly on the boarder? Is it true?
Is it possible to get a tourist visa in Macau for at least 30 days? And can they do it in 24-48 hours? Which documents do I need besides the flights tickets?
Does anybody have some experiences with it?
Because it would be very unfunny when I would fly out from china and not be able to get back.
Thanks a lot!

this is sanjay i m in thailand.i didnt get the macau embassy so xan i get the arrival visa at the macau airport?

hi anna,i would like to know if there is a day pass visa that i could get in macau for guanghzou?how long does it take to get the for a day visit?how much is the fee?i plan to go to guanghzou on feb20,after my stay in macau on feb 18 and 19. hoping to hear from you very soon.

i along with my wife am going to macau for marraige , after that i plan to go to china , i had been to china canton fairs 5 times before can we get visa for china from macau..than u..

Me and my friend plan to visit China, May i ask whether i can apply china visa in Macau and get within one day? I’m from Malaysia and my friend is from Indonesia.

May i ask what nationality can get visa in Macau to enter Mainland china?

hello, i wish to know ASAP if a foreigner from Cameroon can get a visa in Macau. His visa will lapse on the 25th of June 2008. Thanks…


I am UK passport holder – what is the price of a tourist visa – is 3 months possible? How long is the processing time?

i wish to visit china via macao i am a ghanain nationality i wish to know if i can get chinese visa in macao
please cos i wish to be there on the 10 of june just 10day vist
mensah stephen

I will visit Macau next month and don’t know if it is possible to get a chinese visa in Macau without a hotel booking? I only have a confirmation of hotel reservation in guangzhou and the chinese embassy in Hanoi told me that they only accept hotel booking per fax directly from a chinese hotel. I am vietnamese.

I am an Indian & my china visa is finishing on 28/04/08. I have already submitted my papers for Z visa and my interview is on 28/04/08. Since Hong Kong has already stopped the visas for my passport. What other option do i have??? Could i get a single/double entry from Macau???

Pls. advise me as i am very stressed for this matter.

I have extended my visa in Hongkong then is it possible to apply for extension in Guangzhou.

hello,i just want to confirm if i can get china visa in a day in macau,am fron ghana

Dear Anna,
Please can you let me know if you can still get a chinese visa in Macau on the same day? I’m British

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