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Government sponsors brain washing national education

It was revealed that HK government has granted 12 million annually since 2007 to a pro-China organization to produce biased and inaccurate national education materials that highly praise the political system in China while lambasting that in the US. What is more, the organization was not only given money, but also a site to run the so called national education centres.

How biased and inaccurate? For instance, the materials say the political entity in mainland china is “a progressive, selfless and united ruling group”, flagrantly disregarding the despicable human right situation, authoritarian rule, and severe corruption in the country.

In mentioning the Three Gorges Dam project, the materials say only the good things about the controversial project without a word on its negative aspects. It even goes against the fact, saying that the project has “successfully solved the relocation problem”.

The fact is the project has caused severe, even disastrous social, economic and cultural problems due to a huge number of people being forced to relocate. Some put the relocation number at 1.13 million, others at 1.47 million while some others claim that the number is so big and ever growing, you can never know the exact number. In 2010, Chongqing municipal city announced that 300,000 more people would have to be relocated. Relocation is just one of the big issues resulting from the project. There are adverse environmental and geological impacts too.

While there has not been a firm official line on the project in mainland China, these government-sponsored national education materials in Hong Kong have adopted a most conservative tone, even more conservative than the official tone.

These materials have been sent to schools for their use in national education.

HK government recently announced that all public primary schools must begin offering national education by 2015. Secondary schools must do so by 2016. This has been met with fierce opposition, even from secondary students, who are organizing themselves into a force to demand abolishing the brain-washing national education. The row surrounding the biased and inaccurate national education materials can only convince people here that the national education to be launched is tasked with political intent and must be abolished.

Hong Kong is falling into an abyss – I watch with gaping mouth.

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