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Guilty of splashing Champagne

the group of protesters on the way to the Central Government Liasion Office in Western District

A group of Hong Kong protestors marched to the Central Government Liaison Office last Sunday (10 October) to demand the release of the newly named Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo jailed by the Chinese government for his fight for democracy and freedom of speech. They also opened Champagne bottles and ate Norwegian Salmon in front of the Office in celebration of Liu being awarded the prize.

One of the protesters named Ip accidentally splashed some Champagne onto a security guard of the Office. She was arrested by the police for common assault, and was later granted bail in the sum of HK$500 and told to report to police next month.

Can you believe this?

It is certainly a joke, and a shame on the Hong Kong police, which has degraded itself to be a political tool, currying favor with the Central Government. The fact is, incidents like this are hardly alone. Protesters protesting in front of the Central Government Liaison Office are often arrested and prosecuted.

The freedom long enjoyed by the city’s people is under attack.

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