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Harbourfront from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay

bay view, hong kongThis is a newly constructed harbourfront promenade, stretching between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. It’s a 20-30 minute walk, with enchanting view of the bay area.

promenade repulse bay to deep water bay

It is more advisable that you start the walk from Deep Water Bay and have some relaxing time at Repulse Bay, as there is more to do and enjoy here.

At Repulse Bay, you can find a expatriates-oriented supermarket Market Place tucked away in the boutique shopping mall Repulse Bay Arcade, and some restaurants like Pizza Hut along the beach. At the eastern end of the beach is Kwun Yam Shrine, with prominent statues of goddesses Kwun Yum and Tin Hau, which often attracts tour groups after tour groups from mainland China. The sunset looking out from the Shrine area is breadth breaking. promenade repulse bay to deep water bay

How to get there:

Take bus No 6, 6A or 260 from Central’s Exchange Square bus terminal. Or, if you come from the Eastern part of the Hong Kong island, take bus No. 65.

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