HK-Guangzhou Transport

High-speed rail between Guangzhou and Shenzhen

The much delayed high-speed train service between Guangzhou and Shenzhen finally came into operation on 26 December 2011. The 102km journey can be completed in just 35 minutes. The normal duration needed for a bus journey between the two cities is about 2 hours. The high-speed train obviously is a much quicker solution for passengers.

The high-speed rail was scheduled for operation in August but was delayed because of a high-speed train accident in Wenzhou, Zhenjiang Province, killing 40 people.

A one-way first-class ticket costs 100 yuan, and a second-class ticket 75 yuan.

The slower train still runs between Guangzhou East Railway Sation and Luohu Station and the price is 80 yuan for a second-class ticket, even more expensive than a high-speed train’s ticket.

The terminus for the high-speed train is Shenzhen Railway North Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station, both of which are also metro stations. Passengers arriving at Guangzhou South can transfer directly to Zhuhai through an inter-city line, or to Wuhan and Changsha, the capital cities of Hubei Province and Hunan Province, through high-speed trains.

The Hong Kong-Shenzhen section of the high-speed rail is scheduled to open in 2015. But the construction of such a rail link has fueled protests from affected villagers and raised questions about the need for such an expensive rail link (amounting to HK$60 billion) in Hong Kong.

How to get to Shenzhen Railway North Station to take the high-speech train from HK: 

Take the train to Lok Ma Chau (HK MTR East Rail Line). From Lok Ma Chau, take Shenzhen metro No.4 line – it will be 9 stops before you reach Shenzhen Railway North Station. Time: 20 minutes. Cost: 4 yuan.

You can also take the train to Lo Wu (HK MTR East Rail Line). From there take Shenzhen metro No. 1 line; change to No. 4 line after 7 stops, and reach Shenzhen Railway North Station after another 7 stops. Time: about 30 minutes. Cost: 5 yuan.

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