Hike along the coast

Hoi Ha Wan

If you want to see some of Hong Kong’s most charming sea scenery, then you must hike this route. It mostly skirted the coast, unveiling first the Long Harbour and then Hoi Ha Wan, a protected and sheltered bay which is named Hoi Ha Marine Park because of its conservation value.

Route: Tai Tan Country Trail (大灘郊遊徑) 

Hoi Ha Road (near Tau Tong Kai猴塘溪) – Tai Tan (大灘) – Sze Tei (獅地)– Chung Sha Teng (涌沙頂) – Lo Tsai Shek (爐仔石)– Lan Lo Au (攔路坳)– Hoi Ha (海下)

When you start, you can see this view:Then you pass Tai Tan Village, commanding quiet water and mountain views:

view near Tai Tan
view from Tai Tan village

Near midway, you will come to a beach.  After the beach, it is a continuous climb. Not easy. And the path is dotted with rocks!

But you will be rewarded with this scenery at the top:

Sharp peak, known for its steepness, stands out in sharp relief

And then, I met three cows which occupied the narrow path in front of me. (That explains the cow dung along the way.) I mustered all my courage and managed to walk past them without irritating them, luckily.

Going downhill, I had the first glimpse of Hoi Ha Bay:You will then come to the intersection with Wan Tsai Peninsula which houses some modern campsites. From the intersection is about half an hour before you reach Hoi Ha Village where there are small family-run shops selling drinks and noodles.

How to get to starting point:

Take minibus No.7 from Sai Kung which goes to Hoi Ha. Get off at Hoi Ha Road where the trail “Tai Tan Country Trail” starts. Or get off at Hau Tong Kai bbq site. And then walk against the direction of Hoi Ha for two minutes on Hoi Ha Road before you can see the starting point of the trail.Total hours: 3.5 hours

Length: 7.3km

Always follow the sign to Hoi Ha or the “walker” trail sign, and you will find your way.

How to get back to Sai Kung

Take No. 7 minibus going back to Sai Kung from Hoi Ha Village. The stop at the village is the terminus for the minibus.

Map of the Route

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