Hike to Tai O

This hiking route is about 4.5 hours long. Its attractiveness lies in its destination Tai O, a popular tourist destination, and for me, a simple lunch at waterside and open view during the last leg of the hike.

Date: 16 September 2012
Hiking route: Yat Tung Estate(逸東邨)in Tung Chung– San Tau (䃟頭) – Sha Lo Wan (沙螺灣) – Sham Sek Tsuen (深石村)– Shen Wat (深屈)- Tai O (大澳)

I stopped in Shen Wat, after about 3.5 hour walk, to have my lunch. There are about four stores there offering simple food and drink. I went to the first one and ordered instant noodle with egg and sausage, the kind of food offered by a typical store on a hiking route. The table was set outdoor under the trees, with the waters just right next to you. I gorged myself on the food, feeling the wind gently blowing into my face from the sea. It was very soothing.

the store restaurant is situated next to the waters

The store I went to also offered home made star-fruit juice and salted mandarin water. They were delicious drink. The woman owner told me that the family has been living in Shen Wat for one hundred years and they grow their own vegetable and fruit. So I also ordered a plate of Chinese Potato (沙葛),grown by the family. It was so fresh and the dish so big.

After the food, it was time to leave for Tai O. Before you reach Tai O (about one hour walk from Shen Wat), you have beautiful mountain and sea view at the right.

at this point, Tai O is very near

There is generally little slope for this hiking route, only that the route may be a bit long for some people. I definitely recommend it.

How to get to starting point:
The starting point is Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung. Take bus (No.38, 10 minutes) or taxi (HK$20, 5 minutes) from Tung Chung MTR station to Yat Tung Estate, a public housing estate. Walk through its small shopping mall and then a square. Turn right when you reach the pavement. There is a flyover there. Near the foot of the flyover, at your right, is a path. Follow it and you are now on the way to Tai O. Soon after you embark on the path, you will find wire fence and water at the right, and a waterside temple at the corner.

The route since is well signposted, bringing you all the way to Tai O. You won’t get lost.

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