Hiking on century old path and in Fung Shui Woods

This hiking route is a result of serendipity. I went on a track and found that I was in the opposite direction of the planned route. Then I met a couple who are veteran hikers, and who told me that I should continue and go to Mui Tsz Lam (梅子林), one of the oldest paths in HK, and one that they enjoy so much that they come back again and again.

So this has become my route:

Ma On Shan Village (馬鞍山村), Mao Ping (茅坪), Mui Tze Lam(梅子林), Chevalier Garden (富安花園) / Tai Shui Hang (大水坑)

To arrive at Ma On Shan Village, the starting point, the easiest way is to take taxi from Ma On Shan MTR station (HK$40). Tell the driver that you want to get to the terminus of the village bus (NR84). There is a staircase next to the terminus. Follow it and then turn right. After about 20 minute walk, you will come to an intersection with a pavilion. Go the direction of Tai Shui Tseng (大水井) and Gilwell Camp(基維爾營). Soon, at your left, lies a plateau. Walk to its edge and you can have this open view: Follow the original track. At the next intersection, turn right and choose “Mui Tsz Lam” (梅子林)。If you turn left, the path will lead to Pak Kong (北港) in Sai Kung. This is actually the middle point of the old path which is at least a century old, and one of the best preserved old paths in Hong Kong. HK Government has officially named it Mui Tse Lam – Pak Kong Old Path (梅子林北港古徑), stretching between Mui Tse Lam in Ma On Shan and Pak Kong in Sai Kung.

The veteran hiking couple is right. This path is so enjoyable – green, peaceful and reminiscent of the past. Made of irregular stones, the path is preserved like a hundred years ago. Former villagers had created this path for going between Ma On Shan and Sai Kung using the stones they could find along the way, and amazingly this we can still use today. Going forward, you will pass by the abandoned Mao Ping village and come to Mui Tze Lam village.

Legacy of Mao Ping village

looking back at Mui Tze Lam village

The concrete Mui Tze Lam Road(梅子林路), next to the village, with hardly any traffic, will lead you to Chevalier Garden, a housing estate. There is a bus terminus there. Or you can continue walking to Tai Shui Hang MTR station.

The whole route is about 3 to 3.5 hours.

It must be mentioned that Mui Tsz Lam is famous for its Feng Shui Woods. Supporting 72 fung shui wood species, by far the greatest number in Hong Kong, it stands out from other Fung Shui Woods. Ancestors in Hong Kong had planted Fung Shui woods around their villages, for bringing in good Fung Shui as well as for protection of their homes from flooding, mudslides, and typhoons. These Fung Shui Woods usually have high ecological value. The Mui Tsz Lam part of the Mui Tse Lam – Pak Kong Old Path, belongs to Mui Tsz Lam Fung Shui Woods. It is why the walk there is so green and lush.

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Hi Anna,

With a friend, I hike from Tai Shui Hang MTR to Sai Kung each Tuesday. Summer months excepted. I have never heard of the Feng Shui Woods. Where exactly is it, in relation to the Mao Ping village ruins.

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