HK-Guangzhou Transport

Transport: Hong Kong – Guangzhou Airport

The covenient and also most expensive way is:If you leave from Hong Kong, take the Hong Kong (Hung Hom train stration) – Guangzhou (Guangzhou East train station) through train. When you arrive at the Guangzhou East train station, you head for Tian He Da Sha (天河大廈) on Ti Yu Xi Lu (体育西路 – “Ti Yu” means sports, “Xi Lu” means literally West Road). It would be a 15- minute walk, or a RMB7 taxi ride without the taxi meter jumping to the next reading. From Tian He Da Sha, you can take the Airport Express Route 6 to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

The first bus departs from Tian He Da Sha at 5:30, and the last one at 21:00. The whole journey is about 1 hour.

The first bus departs from Guangzhou Airport at 7:05, and the last one at 0:10.

One-way bus fare is about RMB20, which will be collected by uniformed staff on the bus. Bus service on this route is every 20 minutes.

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regarding setsuka’s comment about meter and metre, just want to mention that both are correct indeed. meter is american and metre is british.

hi, 見到你在某幾個posts內把的士咪錶的meter寫成metre,想提一提你而已,量度單位的米才可寫成metre,儀錶則英美都寫成meter的啊… (就如barometer, altimeter, thermometer 等等…) 看到後請刪除這個comment啦 ^_^ byebye

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