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Hong Kong-Shenzhen border crossing for night travel

the lok ma chau - huanggang border crossing, with the bridge linkinh HK and Shenzhen
Lok Ma Chau - Huanggang border crossing, with the bridge linking HK and Shenzhen

The Huang Gang (皇崗) (name of the border at Shenzhen side) / Lok Ma Chau (落馬洲) (name of the border at Hong Kong side) border crossing is the only 24-hr border crossing between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. So if you will arrive late at either of the cities, you will have to use this border crossing.

If you land in Shenzhen airport late at night and want to go to Hong Kong, it is most convenient to take a taxi to the border. It will cost about RMB130 by taxi and take about 45 minutes.

Once you have gone through the Shenzhen control point, you will need to take a shuttle bus (called yellow bus) at HK$7 to the Hong Kong Lok Ma Chau Control point. Then you will land at a traffic interchange. Here you can find 24-hr transportation to the city, such as the 616S night bus going to Mongkok every 20 minutes.

Also, every day, there are 24-hr buses going between the border and Wanchai Pier/MTR Prince Station/MTR Tsuen Wan Station. The bus fare is about HK$40 per journey.

If you plan to take a taxi from the border to Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, do remember to take red taxis. Only red taxis go to these two regions. The green taxis go only around New Territories, where Lok Ma Chau belongs. It will cost about HK$300 by taxi to Tsim Sha Tsui, or HK$350-400 to Central.

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Hello Anna,

I am arriving at 01.20 in Shenzhen and need to proceed to HK airport, Could you kindly tell me the best way ?


i will reach huanggang border appo 4am dua to i take bus fro nanning to shenzhen. during that time is they a lotof people and is there any bus to nathan roan tsim sa tsui? pls advice

i suggest you take the airport bus to Sheung Shui/ Fan Ling, where you transfer to the the MTR to Lowu. Sheung Shui/Fan Ling MTR station is only one/two stops from LoWu. That way you can still be in time for lowu crossing. You can of course use the huanggang crossing. but unless you take the taxi, which will not be cheap, for a non local, it will be hard for you.

I arrive at HKIA at 22:00 and would like to take the MTR to LoWu crossing for a trip to the Shenzhen airport. Is this the best crossing point for going to the airport and would I have enough time to collect bags and make the border in time or should I go for the Huanggang crossing? Looks like no bus after I arrive! Do not want to stay at hotel in HK.

I’m confused, the original post says that the border crossing at Huang Gang to Lok Ma Chau is open 24 hours. A post below, however, seems to imply that the border closes at midnight. Am i missing something? Does the 12 midnight closure at Lok Ma Chau refer to the train schedule, or the border itself?


ps – I am scheduled to arrive in Shenzhen Airport at 10:30 – but am expected to be delayed (per usual). I want to have a backup to the lohu/lowu crossing should this be the case.

1. Not true. No quota.
2. The Lok Ma Chau (Fu Tian) border closes at 12 midnight, like Lowu. You usually take the MTR to there, so they close after the last people from the last train have crossed the border.
3. You will be understood if you say you want to go to Huang Gang Checkpoint. There is only one Huang Gang Checkpoint.


Thanks for the information, it is very useful.
I read though somewhere that it was more difficult to cross the 24-hour border for there’s a quota of people authorized to cross per night. Is that true?
I would like to know as well if the Lok Ma Chau (Fu Tian) border is closing at 10:30pm or 12:00pm coz I read both on the internet? And like if you’re already queuing at 12:00pm will they let you cross or does it really close at 12:00pm, whether there’s still people queuing or not?
Finally, I would like to know what I have to say to the taximan if I wanna go to the 24-hour border. Will he understand if I ask for the Huang Gang border as this latter noun has got two meanings?

Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for all those questions! Congrats for the blog, very interesting!

The Lok Ma Chou has a train opertaing to Hong Kong, but the last train departs around mid-night. The crossing at Lok Ma Chou is new and fewer people use it.

Hi All,

Kindly assist how to cross over to Shenzhen from HK international Airport. What Bus to take and or what MTR to ride.Was told to take bus to sheung shui by Bus and hop to take MTR. May I know the name of that station. Thanks and appreciated. my email

looking forward to hear your advise. Thanks again

it would depend on if your flight is punctual. the taxi ride from shenzhen airport to lowu will take about 40 minutes. so it is possible that you are in time for lowu crossing.

My friends and I arrive in SZ at 10:30pm and have hotel reservations in HK for that night. Do you think we would have time to take a taxi to the Lou Hu station, cross to Lo Wu (all by midnight) and get on the East Rail into HK? Or should we play it safe and taxi to the 24hr. crossing and bus it in?

Thanks for all this info….really helps.

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