Hong Kong As It Is

HK’s press freedom is dead!

How bad is Hong Kong’s press losing its freedom? Look no farther away than today’s incident. A HK reporter asked President Hu Jintao when he is in town: “President Hu, Hong Kongers want to reverse the verdict of June 4. Have you heard it?” Because of this, he was led away and questioned for 15 minutes by police for raising his voice to ask questions, and “disturbing the public order”.

I know Hong Kong’s press freedom is being eroded, but I couldn’t imagine that it can be this bad. During the term of the current Police Commissioner Andy Tsang, police has been very tough with not only protesters (such as using pepper spray unsparingly, and detaining record high number of protesters over the past two years), but also journalists. During Premier Li Ke Qiang’s visit to HK in 2011, for instance, police used hands to block a journalist’s camera to stop him from shooting. Andy Tsang defended it, saying that there suddenly appeared a shadow, so the police used the hands to block the camera. Unbelievably ridiculous excuse.

But it is this Andy Tsang that CY Leung, who will be sworn in as the new Chief Executive of Hong Kong tomorrow 1 July, has reappointed as Police Commissioner. HK’s future is cast in stone. But trust me, tomorrow, thousands of people will turn to street for demonstration.

1 July march starts from Causeway Bay, at 3pm. Destination is the new Government Headquarters in Admiralty. See you there.

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