Ho Pui Reservoir walk

Date: 10 Feb 2013 (First Day of Chinese New Year)

Route: Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk (河背水塘家樂徑)

As seen from the route name, this reservoir walk is very relaxing and suitable for all ages. The walk around the reservoir is about 45 minutes, excluding the time to walk up to the reservoir from bus stop.

The reservoir’s setting reminds me of Jiuzhaigou(九寨溝) , a scenic spot in Sichuan, China, though the latter is much more beautiful. If you have been to Jiuzhaigou and see photos of Ho Pui reservoir below, you may agree with 2 (7)photo 4 (2)photo 5 (2)photo (25)If you want a relaxing short walk, this may be it. The walk also presents a chance for you to visit Yuen Long, traditionally a market town in Northwest Hong Kong, and one of its villages, Ho Pui Village.

How to get to the starting point

It is rather easy to reach the reservoir. Go to Kam Sheung Road MTR station and exit at C. At the public transport area wait for mini bus No. 71 which goes between Ho Pui Village (河背村)and Yuen Long. Please note that at the time of writing there is no minibus stand for No.71. Don’t panic. Just wait. Do make sure that the minibus you board is in the direction of Ho Pui Village, not Yuen Long, for No.71 stopping at Kam Sheung Road MTR station for both directions.

Get off at Ho Pui Village, where the minibus’s terminus is. Where you get off, you are faced with village houses, one of them being the village communal house. There is a path going between houses (just right in front of the minibus as shown in the photo below), follow it, and when you reach a cement road, turn left and go up the 1 (5)

The path running between houses
The path running between houses
The cement slope leading to  the reservoir
The cement slope leading to the reservoir

Before long, you will come to a barbecue place with a sign pointing the direction to Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk. It will be 20-min walk before you reach the starting point of the walk from Ho Pui Village.

Upon finishing the walk, you can walk the same way down and catch No.71 minibus to Kam Sheung Road MTR station.

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