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Hong Kong check-in for Shenzhen flights

Hong Kong is the gateway to China and understandably there are many flights each day from Hong Kong to major China cities. But flying is not cheap. A sure way to save money is go to Hong Kong ‘s neighboring city Shenzhen and fly from there. As it now becomes the domestic flight, the flight ticket will cost a lot less.

Hong Kong Shenzhen Western Corridor

The good news is, you can now check-in in Hong Kong for flights from Shenzhen Airport. The Shenzhen Airport authority has set up a flight waiting room in the shopping mall right above the Kowloon Station of Hong Kong Airport Express. After check-in, you can just take the direct bus to Shenzhen Airport from Kowloon Station via the newly opened Hong Kong-Shenzhen Wesetern Corridor port of entry (this entry is convenient as the passport control of Hong Kong and China sides is carried out under one roof – in the same building.

The aforementioned through-bus is a new service, the first of its kind, launched at the same time as the Kowloon Station check-in service. Buses depart almost every half an hour, running from 6:15am to 7:15pm at Hong Kong side, and from 9:30am to 9pm at Shenzhen side. The whole journey costs about HK$100 and takes about 75 minutes – that is the ideal bus journey time, excluding time for immigration etc. So always allow more time for catching a flight.

For details of the direct bus service, see this post.

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Hi Anna – just wanted to ask you about checking in at Hong Kong for flights departing from Shenzhen. So can I check in for my flight, get my boarding pass and just get on the bus to Shenzhen airport?

Anna — this is really helpful information … definitely the best I’ve found so far. Question: I have an international flight that lands in Hong Kong at 7:30 pm. My final destination is Chengdu … there is a flight out of Shenzhen to Chengdu that same night at 10:10 pm. Is there buses direct from airport to airport that run that late? Is 2+ hours enough time to make it?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi – is this information still up-to-date for June 2010? I’m arriving HK 7pm in mid June and have tickets to fly from Shenzhen early the next morning. I’m thinking the ferry will be the most convenient but if there is a much cheaper bus I’d be interested in that (there are 5 of us so would save a few quid).

Many Thanks! Interesting and useful website!

Do you know any reasonable car services from HK to SZ Airport so I can get the early flight, I would prefer to avoid having to stay in a hotel at SZ airport. Thanks!

Anyone tried this bus? Does it really take 75mins?

I have a 8.20am flight. Is it too much of a risk to get the 6.15am bus? I am guessing yes………

Hi Anna,
I plan to make a day trip to Dongguan City

Is there a direct bus service from Hong Kong to Dongguan City? Could you direct me to the bus company web site where I can get the bus schedule? thank you

If I m going to From Shenzhen to Hong Kong by train, is it true that I will be only landing in Lowu? not Lok Mau Chau or Fu Tian Port? Then what type of transport can reach Lok Ma Chau and Fu Tian Port?by bus?

I also would like to know for sure weather we can check-in our baggages for flights from shenzhen airport at hongkong airport itself…..pls comfirm!any one tried this before??

Hi Anna,

I’m currently in Madrid and Im about to fly to China in one month. Once there I will visit Hong Kong as well and come back to mainland China again from there.

I want to arrange my visa with to entries to China and they are asking me for some ticket for the second entry (it would be Hong Kong Shenzhen). I was surfing the net and I didnt get any place where I can get the tickets on line.
I would like to know if it is possible to get the tickets on line.
Thank you

Hi, as per above, does anyone know if you can check in your luggage at Kowloon station for a Shenzhen flight?

Has anyone actually checked bags in Hong Kong for Shenzhen flights. Just wondering if the bags showed up at the destination. We will be travelling with a 9 1/2 month old baby so checking bags in Hong Kong would be ideal but I’m a little nervous as to whether they would show up. Particular as our travel plans leave very little time for missing luggage to catch up with us.

Sorry my fault, all these routes are the “old” ones, going through Huanggang. Mine as well delete my posts, so not to confuse anybody

Sorry about that,


Hi Anna,

I just saw that on the Trans-Island link they indeed have some schedules. The funny thing is that, as far as I can see, it does not show the route Shenzhen Airport – Kowloon. But maybe I just missed it.

Here is the link: –> click on the Trans Island link Bus, there you can choose “Routes & Prices”

Just wondering if there’s a website about the bus service, just wanted to know more info as I’m thinking of flying to Shenzhen instead of directly to HK from Beijing as it saves me about 1000… Also about the checkin for Shenzhen flights from Kowloon station, thanks!

Hi guys,

I’ve taken the bus the last time I went to HongKong. It is a very convenient way of getting to Shenzhen. The hardest part for me was to find the bus at Kowloon Station. It is kinda hidden. But for RMB90 this clearly is the best way to get Shenzhen Airport. I can full-heartedly recommend it. I actually will use it again in a couple of days.

@anna: The bus stops at Kowloon Station. From there you can take the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui.


Hi Anna,

I need to travel from Shanghai – HK in a few weeks’ time. Much like your post here, a friend suggested that rather than flying directly from Shanghai – HK, I could fly to Shenzhen first then travel to HK.

I am aware that there is a train from Shenzhen – HK (Hung Hom?), but I have not been able to find any info about it! Lots of posts mention Lo Wu station in Shenzhen but nothing about where Lo Wu station is or how to get there from Shenzhen airport. The MTR and KCR websites weren’t helpful either. Any help from you would be much appreciated.

Otherwise, I am equally open to travelling by bus – in fact this sounds more convenient if indeed the bus departs from Shenzhen airport rather than somewhere in the city centre. Is there a website I can visit?

Also, where does the bus drop passengers from Shenzhen off in HK? My accommodation is in Tsim Sha Tsui…

Thanks Anna!

I would suggest you stay in a Shenzhen hotel the night before. You won’t have enough time to catch the flight if you take a bus in the morning.

I am staying some days at HK and then need to take a plane at Shenzhen airport departing at 9:50AM. Do you think it is feasible to get on time to the airport from HK when taking the 7:30AM bus (taken into account I can hardly read any Chinese characters) … ? (I am already thinking of leaving HK the evening before and staying in a hotel in Shenzhen if it turns out it is too difficult to reach the airport in time).

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