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Hong Kong East: Harbour View and Soho Feel

Visitors to Hong Kong are usually advised to take the Star Ferry from Central or Tsim Sha Tsui to see the Hong Kong harbor, especially at night when the skyline is lit. They are also told that the Soho area, the hot spot of trendy bars and restaurants, is in Central.

These are all true, except that Hong Kong has another spot where you can see the famous Hong Kong harbor as well as experience “Soho”. It is in Lai King Wan (鯉景灣) of Sai Wan Ho (西灣河), in the Eastern part of Hong Kong Island.

Take the MTR to Sai Wan Ho Station. Go out at Exit A, and turn right, to walk toward the waterfront (there are also signs indicating the direction). It is about 5-minute walk before you come to the waterfront and a long promenade. From here you can take in Hong Kong’s harbor and the Kowloon East across it. The promenade allows you to take a relaxing stroll while witnessing the daily life of locals.  You rarely see tourists here.

The area is also called “Soho East” where you will find a host of restaurants and bars adjacent to the waterfront. This Soho East is not as busy as the Soho area in Central because of its slightly remote location, but over the weekend, it attracts many locals to drive to this area for dining and relaxation.

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