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This city has seen it all

The Japanese brand Lotte Koala Buscuits are the favorite of children. My niece often eat them. Now, even they are found contaminated by the industrial chemcial melamine. It is not a small shock to me. It is scary that how much of poisonous chemcials has entered our bodies, without our knowledge. This time it is about melamine, and who knows next time what it is about.

The mainland melamine-tainted milk scandal is causing four death and thousands of infants sick on the mailand, while in Hong Kong, four kids have been dignosed with kidney stone. The Hong Kong government has to provide free check up service to all the kids in the territory. 

You may be surprised at the food scandal, but Hong Kong people should not.

The fact is Hong Kong has seen a few food scares over the years due to import from China – the vegetables grown with too much pesticide in Guangdong causing peole falling sick, the bird flu, the malachite green in farmed fish, as well as problems with the quality of imported mainland eggs. It is just telling that this city needs desperately to improve its food security and inspection system, in particular related to the import from China.

I guess every thing is double-edged. When the city benefits from its proximity to China, it also suffers from this proximity.

 So to eat local to stay well? This at least is impossible to apply to the poor in China. Now the poor Chinese families are faced with a tough question – what to feed their babies. They cannot afford the expensive foreign brands of infant formula, and at the same time they cannot feed their babies the unsafe local brands. That is really poor. 

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