HK-Guangzhou Transport

HK – Guangzhou Transport (part 1)

There are a few ways getting o Guangzhou from Hong Kong, or vice versa.

Let’s start from the “train” way:

a. Through Train (Kowloon, Hong Kong – Guangzhou East)

This is the most comfortable, convenient as well as expensive way. The through train departs from Hung Hom train station, Kowloon, Hong Kong and arrives at the Guangzhou East train station. Each day there are 12 trains going in one direction, and 24 trains in both directions. If it is a busy day, such as on the eve of a Chinese holiday, or a weekend, you will need to buy the train ticket in advance. Otherwise, you can usually get a seat for the following train on the same day.

The good news is that you can now buy the ticket online, or through tele-ticketing (make a phone call to book a ticket via credit card, and collect it at the train station before boarding) of the Hong Kong MTR train system.

For details of ticketing, check out Hong Kong MTR website:

The one-way journey is 1 hour 40 minutes. You go through the immigration formality (Hong Kong side and Mainland China side) at once, at where you board the train. So that is pretty convenient.

One way ticket costs about HK$190 for first class, and HK$230 for premium class.

But note that some of the through trains stop at Dongguan – just for a while – and some not.

b. Take the Hong Kong MTR train to Lowu station, go through the Hong Kong and Shenzhen immigrations, and then take the train from the Lowu train station, Shenzhen to Guangzhou, or vice versa.

The Lowu train station, Shenzhen is located just right next to the Hong Kong/Shenzhen immigration building. So the train transfer between Hong Kong and Shenzhen is not difficult.

This way is less expensive, and you can go almost at any time you want, since there is always a train every hour from Lowu, Shenzhen to Guangzhou, or Guangzhou to Lowu, Shenzhen. The train journey of Shenzhen -Guangzhou takes about 1.5 hours, and costs only about RMB36 for a soft seat. The Hong Kong train fare from Hung Hom, Kowloon to Lo Wu is about HK$32. Adding up, the whole journey from Hung Hom, Kowloon to Guangzhou through the non-through-train way is about HK$70, a lot cheaper than the the aforementioned through-train way.

The negative side, though, is that it takes longer time, and more trouble.

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If your hotel has travel service, pay a fee and they will get the ticket for you. If not, there bound to be travel agents near the hotel. they are happy to get the ticket for you for a fee.

I am travelling to Guangzhou on the 23 april for the canton fair and plan to take a train to HongKong on 27 april. Can i buy the ticket when I get into Guangzhou? Or go the the Guangzhou East Station to purchase ticket on that day 1 hour prior the departure time.? I ask as I am afraid ticket will be sold out due to the last day of the canton fair.

Where can I purchase ticket online and ticket will be delivered to my hotel in Guangzhou?

Hello .
Can someone tell can i buy a Guangzhou visa at lo wu border crossing ,i know about Shenzhen Visa , but last time i was there one of the border control guys mentioned about a Guangzhou visa.We are Irish citizens …..

hi anna,
i will reach hongkong from delhi(India) at 7 o’clock in the morning.Immeadiately i have to leave for Gangzhou(Canton Fair) on the same day.Please suggest me that how could i reach to Guangzhou.


My kids and i will arrive from riyadh to guangzhou. Do we need visa to enter guangzhou only then take a train ride to hongkong. ( we have no intention to stay at a longer time in guangzhou).

hi what are the directions from the train station if i arrive in guangzhou taking the lowu station going to zhong shan ba road.

Hi Anna, if I am staying in Tung Chung – would it be faster to take a bus to Dongguan/Guangzhou or take a mtr/bus to hung hom and then the train? thx

Anyone know how easy it is to get from Guangzhou East station to Guangzhou airport?

Are taxi’s easy to get from the station and relatively cheap? I know there is an airport bus but I don’t fancy having to carry all my luggage with me.

IGNORE anything you read about buying tickets 6 hours in advance, it is COMPLETE nonsense. I do this route 2-3 times per week and have never had a problem buying a ticket for the next train. It is recommended to arrive 40 mins before the train leaves so you have time to get the tickets and go through customs. Even if you arrive 20 mins before the train leaves you’ll still make it on.

Hi, I would like to find out if the train tickets can be purchased from the Guangzhou East Railway Station. From the MTR website, tickets can only be purchased in Hong Kong.

Wow, I can’t tell you how useful this is, some of this information can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

hello, i really need some help. i will be arriving hongkong late at night. i believe the last bus from HK airport to guangzhou is 10:45pm. what other mode of transport can i take?

just go to guangzhou east train station, to take the direct train to hong kong. very frequent train service. and you can always get the ticket. no need to buy in advance.

I’m flying into Guangzhou from Xi’an and I need to take the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong but
I’ve been reading that it is necessary to buy the train ticket through the phone with a credit card if you don’t want to wait 6 hours at the train station without a pre-ordered ticket. Is there any way to bypass this so that even if I don’t buy pre order with a credit card I will not have to wait so many hours at the station?

Thank you,

Hi Anna,

Is there a way to book train tickets online for Shezhen (Lowu station) to Guangzhou East railway station ?

I believe you need a pass to china if you’re going to guangzhou coming from macau or HK w/o china visa. A convenient way I heard is to go to tour package the other one I’m not sure how. I s anyone know how to get a 1 pass without going trough tour package? and how long will it take?

please tell me how to go from HK to Guangzhou airport? if i take the CTS bus to Guangzhou, which stop should I get off ? Is there a airport bus? How many hours must I allow from HK to Guangzhou airport by bus?

can i process my visa in Guangzhou, at the railway station, if I take the KCR? Is this closed on Saturday/sundays?

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