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Hong Kong-Shenzhen border crossing via Spur Line – Fu Tian

At the moment, Lo Wu Control Point is the most used and crowded border crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. To lessen the crowd using Lo Wu Control Point, a new control point, the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point 落馬洲分綫管制站 at Hong Kong side (or, Fu Tian Port Control Point 福田口岸管制站 at Shenzhen side) has been in operation since August 2007.

Lok Ma Chau Spur Line /Fu Tian Port Control Point is the second control point that has connection with railway, after Lo Wu. Passengers coming from Hong Kong can connect to the HuangGang station, the last stop on the No.4 line of Shenzhen underground railway system. The Station is situated on the ground floor of the border control building. So it is convenient for passengers.

But since the opening of the new Control Point, not as many passengers as expected are using it. This is because the area around Fu Tian Port Control Point is not as much developed as Lo Wu and there is not much choice in terms of transportation. So most of the passengers still prefer Lo Wu border crossing.

But as a traveler, if you want to go to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, and avoid the crowd, do consider Lok Ma Chau Spur Line/Fu Tian Port Control Point. It will be less crowded, and the border control building is very spacious and bright.

The easiest way to reach the Control Point from Hong Kong is take the Hong Kong MTR East Rail line to the Shueng Shui station and transfer from there to Lok Ma Chau station, just one station away.

The Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point at Hong Kong side is connected to the Fu Tian Port Control Point by a footbridge.

The Control Point operates 16 hours a day from 6.30am to 10.30pm.

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there is CTS run bus going from Tsuen Wan to Guangzhou. you can transfer at Lai King MTR station and it will be just 4 stations before you reach Tsuen Wan. Check out CTS website for the timetable.


I regularly work in Guangdong and cross at Huangang. I live on Park Island & theres a convenient shuttle bus to Tsing Yi. Can you tell me the most convenient way of getting to Huangang from Tsing Yi?



I stay in futian shenzhen. I have to catch a flight from HK airport on 28th 8am. What is the best way to reach the airport by 5.30 am.


I need to catch 7 am flight from Shenzhen how can I reach from Hongkong .how to cross and what is transportation from lok ma chao

# anna says: October 16, 2009 at 1:36 pm
The best way is to take a taxi. To get to Futian border from Shenzhen airport is via a highway. So it is pretty fast. It probably costs you only about RMB20.
# anna says:February 16, 2009 at 11:48 pm
no taxi will have a dual number plate. your boss will have to get off the car.
Is it easy/safe to get a taxi from Futian border to Shenzhen airport? Is it possible/useful to book one from HK?

Sunny, the last train station towards shenzhen is Lowu and Lok Ma Chau. But probably you can rent an apt in Sheung Shui or Fanling, which is one and two stops from the last train station respectively, and where there are many residential buildings.

which is the last MTR station of H K towards shenzen.
am looking to rent out a appt and planning a office in Hk but it should be near china border
can you guide me ?

The best way is to take a taxi. To get to Futian border from Shenzhen airport is via a highway. So it is pretty fast. It probably costs you only about RMB20.

Hi, my director is flying in to Hong Kong from Heathrow-England and he will need to cross the boarder in to Shenzhen. He does not want to get out of his car at the boarder and i beleive he will not have to providing he has a taxi with a dual number plate. The hotel he will be staying at has proved quite unhelpfull with this. Do you know of a reliable taxi company i can call to take him all the way through to his hotel in Shenzhen? Mel

Hi, anna..

im going to be in hongkong on 24th at 22:30, but i would like to travel to shenzhen city, around 23:00..will i get any train ticket at Hongkong airport? or do i take the airport bus to trainstation, how much $HK? plus, i will be flying out from shenzhen the next day to guiyang, what is the closes hotel to stay in, on route to shenzhen airport? thanks so much iwill greatly appreciate your help..


I am south african and previously I was able to get a visa at the border to enter Shenzhen. However, I know the tightened up because of the Olympics. I will be travelling into the area again 03/09 and would like to know if I will again be able to get the visa at the border in the past. Any insight would be appreciated…

Hello. I´m actually in Shenzhen and my flight from Hong Kong is 8.55 am tomorrow morning. Shoul we go back already today to Hong Kong or is there a border where we can go in time to the Hong Kong airport tomorrow morning and if so which time we should start? Thanks in advance

hi there, we have 7 adult + 1 infant to travel around Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Can you please recommend where is the best place to stay at Hong Kong (for 1 night only)? And where is the location of Ladies Street? Thanks….

I would like to confirm that the Huanggang Border is open 24hrs? What about the control in HK that states is open until 10.30pm? If I arrive in HK airport at 2300hrs am I still able to travel to Shenzhen on the same day?

selena, if you just want to travel from the hong kong airport to shenzhen/hong kong border, not to the shenzhen airport, pls see my post

just take the mtr train. you will get on the train at airport station of the airport express line, and i would suggest you take the train all the way to central. from there, you can change to the red line and then change to the blue line, which goes all the way to lo wu, where the border crossing is. you can also go by the blue line to lok ma chau station which is another border crossing point.

Rick, there is no common ground where you can meet with your friend without either of you crossing over.

it depends on how quickly you will meet your friend. if it is after oct 16, then you may get a chance to obtain a visa.

Hello I will be visiting Hong Kong soon and was confused about what bus/trans to take after arriving. I will be arriving at the hong kong airport and need to get to the hong kong/ szhenzhen border. what transportation line should i take? I would so greatly appreciate the help. thanks!

I have read your comments to Donna, I have a similar enquiry … I would like to meet with a friend from Shenzhen but like Donna I cannot get the the Visa to include the crossing. …I am on the Hong Kong side, is there anyway I can meet with a friend of mine at the border crossing …is there a place of common ground where we can meet for a couple of hours, without either of us actually crossing over.

the only crossing that is open 24 hours is huang gang (黃岡)。given that your flight is that late, taxi seems to be the only choice. it will cost you about rmb130, and take you 45 minutes to arrive at the border. once you arrive at the hong kong side, there is night bus going to kowloon.

watch out – i will post more on this in the coming days.

Hi Anna, the infos great thx. I’m have a little trouble planning still though.
I get into Shenzhen airport 2230 — 2300 Friday night.
It seems from your links most bus services finish 20:30.
Although there are some others that say there are later ones, they seem out of date.
I’m not even clear which crossing points are open late.
We’re not shy of getting taxis if it’s not hundreds of KM and we need to get to kowloon

Can you give me any pointers?

hi, we are travelling to shenzhen and staying overnite.
we need to travel back to hong kong airport .which hotel or area should we stay at and should we take a car or ferry.

Thanks Anna, it is proving much more difficult than I had imagined. I am now having to explore the Ferry option. I have spoken with the Embassy and so far they will not budge. If you know of any websites a pre booked ferry ticket might be purchased i’d appreciate your help. Cheers

tell them no one would buy a ticket to shenzhen from hong kong in advance. the convenience of going from hk to shenzhen is like going from one corner of the city to the other. you won’t be able to get a ticket online, for sure!

i think all these measures for the security of olympics are ridiculous, your case of being asked for a ticket going to shenzhen from hk being one clear example.

What is the best way to purchase a ticket prior to leaving Australia to satisfy Visa requirements into Shenzhen from Hong Kong. I am staying in Hong Kong and wish to go shopping in Shenzhen for one day only, I need to buy an outgoing train/bus ticket to obtain my Visa. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated??

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