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Hong Kong style milk tea

You may have heard of Hong Kong style milk tea, which uses evaporated milk to give the tea a very smooth and creamy taste. But you may not know that the evaporated milk used here is mostly imported from Holland. According to a report, 70% of the local restaurants use Black & White evaporated milk, a brand from Holland.  

As a daily drink for many of the Hong Kong people, the tea is offered in almost all the Hong Kong restaurants.

Kam Fung restaurant, at No. 41, Spring Garden Road, Wanchai, is one of the local restaurants that are famous for making top quality Hong Kong style milk tea. Both hot milk tea and cold milk tea are reputedly delicious. Their chicken pies and egg tarts, the restaurant’s signature snacks, are also popular. So the best time to visit is afternoon, for afternoon tea.

Kam Fung is a typical local restaurant so be prepared to be seated at a table with others in a packed and small place. And be warned that the restaurant does not have a good reputation for service.

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