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How HK police colluded with triads

Triad gangs wearing masks to hide their faces attack peaceful protesters in Mongkok yesterday, with police standing idle refusing to interfere.

A friend’s relative passed by when the attacks happened and gave this witness account:

I was in Mongkok this evening and saw with my own eyes some young students were surrounded, intimidated and attacked by a group of men who really looked like triads. Some policemen saw what happened but did nothing. In fact I may go as far as to say the police was pleased to see
the students being challenged by these group of men.
It’s like watching a local triad film.
I think it’s too dangerous for these young people now and they should go home.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that about the police, but that was what I witnessed tonight.

A police chief explained that it took the police one hour to arrive at the scene because the protesters blocked the roads and so police had to take MTR from Admiralty to Mongkok. The fact is it takes15 mins travelling from Admiralty to Mongkok, or a better question is: why must the police be deployed from Admiralty to Mongkok?

In fact, evidence is plentiful that the triads were called across the border from China to hit the protesters. With police standing by and doing nothing, confrontation is bound to happen and the tactics of CY Leung and Beijng is clear. Just wait out and watch the people fighting against each other, like what has happened in the history of Communist China. Internal fight and fight and fight. And those at the top and orchestrating the fights just watch with a smirk.

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