Travel in Beijing, Hangzhou, Zhuhai

How to get around in Zhuhai

The easiest way to get around in Zhuhai is taking a taxi. Initial meter charge is RMB10. Of course you can also take a bus, if you know already which bus to take and where to get on and off – there is no English to explain the bus route and indicate station names in any of the bus stations.

Buses in Zhuhai no longer have staff selling you tickets. You pay when you get on the bus, putting money into the metal box placed next to the uniformed driver. Exact money. No change. Air-conditioned bus fare is RMB2.5 while non-air-conditioned bus fare is RMB1.5.

The bus stops are all standardized – a structure that is yellow-tile roofed, resembling a pavilion. 

Taking the bus is a way to feel the pulse of the city – if you can read some Chinese characters. Just watch the electronic ad that is displayed in the bus. The ads ranged from cosmetic surgery, to learning english, to fashionable glasses for sales.

I once got on a bus that not only displayed electronic ads, but also played pop songs, in Mandarin. Fortunately, the songs were not jarring on my ears.

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