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The confusion surrounding “Huanggang” and “Lok Ma Chau”

I think there is some confusion surrounding the names “Huanggang” and “Lok Ma Chau”, regarding the border crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. So I hope this post can help dispel some of the confusion.

The confusion arises probably because the names all have at least two references.

Firstly, “Huanggang”. It has two references coming to the border crossing. Most people will take it as meaning the Huanggang/Lok Ma Chau border which is open 24 hours. Correct. Huanggang is the border name for Shenzhen side, while Lok Ma Chau is the border name for Hong Kong side.

But “Huanggang” actually has second reference. It is the name of the station of the Shenzhen underground system which connects to Hong Kong/Shenzhen’s another border crossing – the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line/Fu Tian crossing, which came into operation in 2007. Lok Ma Chau Spur Line is the name of the control point at Hong Kong side, and Fu Tian, name of the control point at Shenzhen side. Right after the crossing, at the Shenzhen side, is the Huanggang underground station.

Now you know for “Lok Ma Chau”, it has two references too. It refers to the border name of Hong Kong for the 24 hour Huanggang/Lok Ma Chau border crossing.

Platform of Lok Ma Chau MTR station
Platform of Lok Ma Chau MTR station

It also refers to one of the last stations of the East Rail Line of the Hong Kong train system (another last station is Lo Wu). You take the train to this station for the above mentioned “Lok Ma Chau Spur Line/Fu Tian crossing. This crossing is not 24 hours, and open from 6:30am to 10:30pm only.

And the Lo Wu crossing, a primary passenger crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen with rail connection at both sides, is open from 6:30am to midnight.

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If you use the 24 hour Huanggang crossing there is no metro station there – and if you are using this crossing because the others are closed the metro is likely to be shut down anyway.
And ignore the people offering taxis – when you leave the customs building there is a footbridge in front of it – just go up that, and the entrance to the official taxi area is about half way along on the left side.

We are thinking about taking the cross-boundary bus services from Hong Kong Disneyland to Huanggang, and from there to Shenzhen Dongmen where we will be stayng for 2 days before going home from Shenzhen.
I would like to confirm once again :
After the Huanggang check-point for immigration/customs, we then take a taxi to the Futian Crossing Metro station and from there to Dongmen ? Or is the Futian station in Huanggang check-point itself ?
We do have luggages with us, so is it a good idea to take the bus from Disney into Huanggang, then metro to Dongmen ?

Just an update for people who find this entry. The Shenzhen metro stop on the China side has been renamed to “Futian Crossing” to reduce the confusion of having two crossings named Huanggang.

this is so helpful. i am the one who was absolutely totally confused. tks for clearing the clouds above my head @.@

Is the border crossing at Lok Ma Chau less congested than Lo Wu? I read the long lines and VISA processing can take up to 2 hours at Lo Wu.

Happy New Year! I will arrive on February 9th at Shenzhen Airport at night, and I need to go to Wan Chai (HKG)to exchange L-VISA to Z-VISA. I planning to arrive very early in the morning and apply for rush service that will be ready 15:30. I will return to Shenzhen Airport to take my flight 19:45. If I use Lok Ma Chau Spur Line/Fu Tian crossing for both ways, do you think that will be all right for me? And a better option instead Lou hu/Lowu?What about buses from and to Shenzhen Airport, do you know where I can find a timetable with prices? Thank you, so much.

It is better than you use the futian border crossing. After the crossing, take minibus No 75. It will take 20 minutes to you to arrive at Yuan Long.

Thank you for this info, but I think I’m still a little confused!
So there are 2 border crossings with similar names, is that right?
Is there a bus from Shenzhen airport to Huanggang/Fu Tian ? Which is the best crossing if I have to go to Yuenlong on the HK side?

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