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Human chain round the tree

A photo captured in front of the government headquarters in Central on the day of July 1 democracy march in Hong Kong. Security guards “protected” the big tree by forming a human chain, which was surrounded by another chain of metal barriers. I wondered why, and you must too.My first thought was, this was to stop protestors from using the tree shade and lingering in the area. But, how much sense is this? I later learnt that my guess may be right. A year earlier, also during the July 1 democracy march, some protestors climbed on the tree and stayed there for six hours, before the firemen moved in to drive them away. This year, the Hong Kong government was obviously trying to avoid the repeat by putting up human and metal shields around the tree.

And the security guards hired to “defend” the tree – have you noticed – were not police, but contract security staff who are in their late forties and fifties at least. It was sweltering hot, and they were asked to hold hands to form the human chain, while being prisoned by the metal barricades.Did you see that some of them were so tired that they had to release hands from time to time?

What would you think of the government which has no compassion towards its people, and has made such stupid and inept decisions? It only betrayed the lack of confidence this government has in its governance and the fear it harbored of its people. The city’s governance cannot be in greater trouble.

View the protest scene at the government headquarters:

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Nah, they’re just doing what everybody else does: they’ve outsourced the work, in this case the demonstration of surrounding the tree, to mainland China…


typically PRC brainwashed and PRC not using their brains mentality…I found it sad that gov’t leaders in hk and even china rarely use their brains and common sense for decision making and goverance…

they would be happy if everyone become a obedient meat-bot and do as they were told and not question anything…

I feel sorry for those living in hong kong and china and say or do something about it…

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