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Jimmy and his sensitivity

The best known author-illustrator in greater China must be him, Jimmy Liao (幾米),from Taiwan. His picture-books are well loved by adult readers, including friends of mine. Melancholic sensitivity punctuated by sparks of hope give rise to images and ideas of great appeal in his illustrations.

I was recently sent these illustrations. I was touched. I must introduce Jimmy’s works to the readers of this blog, I caught myself thinking. Jimmy used to work in any advertising agency for 12 years. He then quit his job to embark on a freelance publishing career. He was later diagnosed with leukemia, the experience of which has sharpened his sensitivity while enriching his illustrations.

Where to find his books? The famous Taiwan-based bookstore Eslite will come to Hong Kong this summer. It will be located at Hysan Place, No. 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay. Covering over 36,000 sq. feet., it will become the largest bookstore in Hong Kong. It has bookstore, gift shop, multimedia room, children’s store, forum, arrt space, tea Room and café. Rest assured you will find plenty of Jimmy’s picture books on the shelf.

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