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Kennedy Town

Kennedy Town is an old neighbourhood at the western end of Hong Kong Island. I lived in the area for at least 10 years and moved out three years ago. It seemed that the neighborhood had frozen in time, with old buildings, traditional shops, affordable specialty restaurants and many of the elderly and elderly homes.

It has quickened its pace of change in recent years though. With MTR coming to the area in 2014, it has finally welcomed in first coffee chain shop Pacific Coffee; one new hotel has opened at Cadogan Street while another at Sands Street will soon commence operation.

the new hotel at Cadogan Street

More upmarket residential buildings have been put up, attracting more fancy and hip restaurants to operate in the neighbourhood, particularly around Davis Street. It also means tearing down of old buildings and old shops, smothering old ways of living.

This used to be the site of a traditional Chinese restaurant called Sun Chung Wah Restaurant (新中華飯店) where I used to buy dim sum home after jogging in the park. Now it is a construction site.

This congee shop (Cheuk Kai) at the intersection of North Street and Belcher’s Street is a piece of treasure in Kennedy Town, known for decent food quality at low price. It is rumored that it may have to move due to soaring rent. Let’s pray it will stay.

Right across from the old site of Sun Chung Wah Restaurant is Cheung Heung, another treasure of Kennedy Town. A traditional Hong Kong style restaurant, Cheung Heung is famous for its milk tea and its own baked buns, particularly pineapple buns and coconut buns.

Cheung Heung's outer wall is undergoing renovation when this photo is being taken

Hong Kong has fewer traditional restaurants like Cheung Heung day by day. We can only pray it will stay.

Sun Chung Wah Restaurant, Cheuk Kai and Cheung Heung are reputed to be the three treasures of Kennedy Town. Now one is gone, with another in danger.

For me, there is one treasure more in Kennedy Town – St Loren Bakery. There are two St Loren bakeries (both on Belcher’s Street, one near Holland Street, the other between Smithfield Road and Davis Street) in the area, which offer probably the most delicious egg tarts at cheapest price in town. One egg tart costs HK$2.5 only. They are hugely popular. Don’t miss it.

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