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Low cost airline for Shanghai-HK route

Mainland China’s low cost airline Spring Air will launch its service between Hong Kong and Shanghai starting 28 September. If you want to find cheap tickets for the route as well as China’s domestic flights, check out its website (

To mark the new service, the airline offers the unbeatable price of HK$199 (US$26) for a one-way ticket between Hong Kong and Shanghai from now until end of October. But the discount tickets are said to be all sold out.

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There has been recently a big promotion of HK-Shanghai airfare by the airline in HK. The promotion requests users to purchase tickets online. So obvsiously its website is its main channel of service. Personally I’ve not used the airline service, but I have neither heard of any bad publicity not favorable for the airline.

Hi Anna
I told my friend in Shanghai about this, and it seems that the airline’s telephone numbers are not answered. So most likely it deals only through their website. Have you tried that, and is it honest?

Thank you. This was a helpful tip! I checked out their Web site, and while not as good as the introductory fare you mention above, they still have a much cheaper flight for Shanghai to Hong Kong. My only problem now is trying to determine how much extra charge I will have to pay for having over 15kg of luggage.

I see where they note the fee is “An extra charge for over-weighted baggage shall be calculated by 1.5% of the published economic class fare for the highest nonstop one-way per kilogram.” I just don’t know how to determine what fare that 1.5% is applied against: the discounted fare I’m paying, the higher fare for a different class of ticket, or some other top-price fare which is not listed on their Website.

I wrote an email to them, so hopefully someone who speaks English will be able to explain it to me. :)

If this doesn’t work out, I’ll be looking more closely at information about getting from the Shenzhen airport to where I need to go in Hong Kong with the fastest possible form of public transportation…

Thanks again!

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