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Man Lun-fung Ancestral Hall

I have written about the heritage site Tai Fu Tei Mansion in San Tin, Yuen Long. In fact, there is another  monument – Lun Fung Ancestral Hall, nearby. The two sites can be visited together.

Tai Fu Dei is in the Wing Ping Tsuen. After leaving Tai Fu Dei  and carrying forward, you will soon get to Fan Tin Tsuen. It is a mere five-minute walk. Man Lun-fung Ancestral Hall, built in the seventeenth century to commemorate the Man clan’s eighth ancestor Man Lun-fung, is located in the centre of the village.

Most impressive of the Hall is the shrine in the centre, with the Man clan’s ancestors’ names on tablets, solemn and dignified. The brick building has beams decorated with exquisite wood carvings, with a typical southern Chinese architectural style.When I visited the Hall, two Man’s clan men stopped by to pay homage to the shrine. It is amazing that the Hall is still in use today, as it was thousands of years ago, although it has been designated as a heritage site inviting visitors.

How to get to the Ancestral Hall:
Address: Fan Tin Tsuen, San Tin, Yuen Long
Transport: Take bus 76K or green minibus 76 at Yuen Long MTR station. Get off at San Tin Post Office.

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