A house restored to its glory

I’ve been to Macau many times, but this is the first time that I have visited Mandarin’s House. What a delightful surprise!Covering nearly 4000 square metres, this complex is still the largest private residence in Macau. Designated by Macau Government as heritage, it features both oriental and western architectural influence, and is the epitome of traditional Guangdong dwelling.

It resonates with me deeply as many features of the House are just like the old house in Guangzhou where I once resided in, such as the big square brick flooring, the tile roofing and the exterior wood door. Mandarin’s House dated back to 1869, with subsequent expansions by Zheng Guanying, a legendary figure and a celebrity in late Qing Dynasty who has written the masterpiece Words of Warning in Times of Prosperity in this house. Zheng’s fourth son, Zheng Jingkang, is the first generation of photographers in Communist China. The Mao Zedong portrait hanging at the Tiananmen Square is his work.

What we see of Mandarin’s House today is a result of conservation and renovation by Macau Government. The House was largely destroyed around the middle of last century when Zheng’s descendants moved out, leaving it occupied by many tenants and hence in a state of negligence and destitution. As visitor, you are asked to make online reservation in advance. My advice is, this is not a popular spot so it is not necessary.

For visitor information, check out here.

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