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Marching on

I joined the anti CY (Hong Kong’s chief executive CY Leung) march on 1 January. It took me close to 3.5 hours just to walk from Causeway to the Government Headquarters in Admiralty. It was at a snail’s pace. I guess many people joined the march midway, making the pace of the whole procession really slow.

It was a formidable show up. When I ended the march at Admiralty, it was over 7pm. I knew there are many of us.

When the media compared the number of people joining the different marches in support of and against CY on the same day, it looked so meaningless to me.

For those marching against CY, we are united in one belief: if you have no integrity and lie your way to be chief executive, you have to go. And for me and many others, it is clear that it is all Beijing forces that manipulated and faked behind the scene the pro CY march  so that there would be a check to the ever strong anti CY forces. Polls have shown again and again that the popularity of CY Leung stands very low. And reports show that people were bribed to attend the pro CY march.

the banner headlined: lying chief 689’s most memorable saying

What has CY done for HK so far since his being sworn in on 1 July 2012? The unbelievably high property prices keep going up. A HR professional, not an education expert, or at least someone with deep background in education, was named secretary for education; A university president named for the portfolio of housing and transportation, instead of education; An accounting professional named for the portfolio of development; A supporter of CY named to vex all the senior government appointments, in breach of the normal civil service procedure, and a pro-Beijing District Councilor who was just defeated in the Legislative Council election, named vice secretary of constitutional and mainland affairs with a salary that is ten times higher than his previous one. What would you think of the governance of Hong Kong given these awful appointments?

Being exposed that there is illegal structure in his mansion, CY Leung said that, since I have blocked it, it no longer exists. (so a person can kill one and bury him/her, and claim that he or she has not killed).

For all the unpopularity and lies told by CY, the new chief of China’s liaison office in Hong Kong said yesterday that the Central Government supports CY Leung and affirms his work.

This is the sad reality of Hong Kong.

No matter how many people turn out against CY, he will still be the chief of Hong Kong, because Beijing has picked him and for saving its face, it will continue to support him. In the march, people called CY by the number “689”, as he was elected by a mere 689 people, out of the whole 7 million population, on the back of string pulling of China’s liaison office in Hong Kong.

Despite all this, thousands of Hong Kongers still marched on 1 Jan, demanding the downfall of CY. No matter what, they wanted to deliver a clear message: Head of HK should not, and cannot be a liar. They knew they could not bring CY down. Yet,  they, with me, still marched on. From light to dark. Hopefully one day, from dark to light.

These young people say aloud with their music: who say we want Chief Executive?

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