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Master of Chinese Painting and Hong Kong

Rain or Shine, by Wu Guozhong, donation to Hong Kong Museum of Art
Rain or Shine, by Wu Guozhong, donation to Hong Kong Museum of Art

Wu Guanzhong, master of modern Chinese painting, has died at the age of 91. He has close connection to Hong Kong. Just hours before his death on 25 June in Beijing, he donated his last paintings to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which coincidentally is running the artist’s exhibition “Lofty Integrity: Donation of Works by Wu Guanzhong”.

This was the fourth time Master Wu had donated his works to Hong Kong Museum of Art. He made donation in 1995, 2002 and 2009 respectively.Wu is recognized as one of the greatest masters of Chinese painting, and although his works have fetched record prices in the arts market in recent years, Wu wanted to donate the best of his paintings to “his people” and “his country”.

Wu’s four most recent and final works – At Rest, Illusion, Awakening and Nest – were created in the spring of this year before his admission to hospital and are now permanently preserved in Hong Kong. They will go on display on 23 July.

The current exhibition, which will run until August 29, includes 51 paintings by Master Wu, most of which donation of works by Wu, and some collections of the Museum.

So if you are visiting Hong Kong, do not miss Master Wu’s exhibition. Hong Kong is really the best place to appreciate Master Wu’s works given the many works donated by the artist to the city.

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