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Megabox and IKEA restaurant

I like the IKEA restaurant in Megabox shopping mall located in Kowloon Bay, because the food is both cheap and good, and the restaurant is big. Since the IKEA is the biggest in Hong Kong, so is its restaurant, which has about 100 seats. For an almond cake which tastes rich and good, you pay HK$10 (US$1.3) only. It would have costed you three times the price if you eat at a Starbucks coffee shop. And for a piece of bread, however small, a price tag of HK$2 is surely cheap.

The menu selection is not wide, but if you have a tight budget and look for something decent to eat, this IKEA restaurant is for you.

Now you probably know that my suggestions on eateries in Hong Kong are not for picky eaters, none of whom, I would imagine, would have considered IKEA food.

One more small tip. The small IKEA food shop at the exit of IKEA sells a big bar of delicious chocolate made in Sweden for HK$10. It is a bargain.

Megabox which houses IKEA is a rather new shopping mall in HK, opened in 2007. I don’t find it having “a revolutionary shopping, dining and entertainment concept” as its website claims – Hong Kong’s shopping malls are all more or less the same, with similar shops anyway. But it does have some of the biggest in Hong Kong, such as the biggest IKEA and the biggest ice rink. It is 8-minute walk from Kowloon Bay MTR station, or you can take a free shuttle bus from the station. To find out how, check out its webpage for direction.

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