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New food concept: Ramen food court

I chanced to know that there is a Japanese Ramen food court in Hong Kong. It is located in the basement of Prudential Centre (恒豐中心), at Jordan MTR Station Exit E. photo (51)

The food court is called Ramen Champion, featuring a number of Ramen stalls which boast Ramen of distinct styles and varieties. Ramen lovers will love this place.

It is certainly a high-end food court. I ordered a bowl of Miso Ramen for HK$60, which was  among the cheapest of all offerings by the Ramen stall I had chosen to patronize. photo (50)But I must say the soup base was very rich and yummy, and I liked the fact that the noodle bowl was full of bean sprouts, corns and bamboo shoots. Judging by what I got, the price is okay.

The food court has used the technology now popular in Japan’s and Korea’s food courts. Once you enter the food court, you will be given a card which you use for ordering your food. You pay when you leave the food court by producing the card at the cashier. Also, after you order your food, you will be given a device. The device will give signal when your food is ready so that you can wait for your food with peace of mind.

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