Occupy Central starts

HK’s Occupy Central movement starts!

Here is the press release of the movement:

September 28 01.00, Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) formally launched “Occupy Central” and issued the two following demands on political reform: “Withdraw the NPCSC decision, restart the political reform process”.

The two nights of occupation of Civic Square in Admiralty have completely embodied the awakening of Hong Kong people’s desire to decide their own lives. The courage of the students and members of the public in their spontaneous decision to stay has touched many Hong Kong people. Yet, the government has remained unmoved. As the wheel of time has reached this point, we have decided to rise up and act.

The Occupy movement will carry on from the current occupation, using the occupation of the Central Government Office as a starting point. Personnel and materials to support Occupy Central will enter the site. We call on all supporters of OCLP to come to the Central Government Office and to join this act of civil disobedience.

OCLP has two demands:
1.The immediate withdrawal of the NPCSC’s decision on the framework for Hong Kong’s political reform
2.The swift resumption of the political reform consultation. The Leung Chun-ying administration has failed in its duties in the political reform process. We demand that Leung re-submit a new political reform report to the central government which fully reflects Hong Kong people’s aspirations for democracy. If Leung refuses to respond, the action will escalate.

OCLP has undergone a year and a half of deliberations and dialogue with different sectors and has gathered public opinion through deliberation sessions and the civil referendum.

We reiterate we will stand firm in our belief in peace and non-violence. We urge Hong Kong people to respond to the call of history, to stand up and have the courage to be real Hong Kong citizens.


And this is what is needed for the people gathering at government headquarters. Please bring to them:


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