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Occupy Lion Rock

Photo by Apple Daily
Photo by Apple Daily

The spirit of Lion Rock, a famous hill in Hong Kong, has been equivalent to the spirit of Hong Kong. So when a group of climbers managed to hang a big, very big, banner from the top of the hill, which reads “I want real universal suffrage”, it is extremely inspiring for the pro-democracy protesters and those supporting the umbrella movement. It rocks the city.

The climbers have given immense positive energy to Hong Kong when the city is in desperate need of it. Hats off to them. They are truly creative and courageous, and have used their skills to do a very meaningful thing for Hong Kong. It is such a clever way to fight for the democracy of Hong Kong. And it is no small feat to climb down the steep edge to hang the giant banner, which measures six metres wide and 28 metres long – Lion Rock is no stranger to climbing accidents. What is more, they may face charge from the government for putting up a banner in a country park area.

Their action has touched the hearts of many. Must watch! It makes you cry.


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You have updated your website, yet you have not written for a long time…. I must encourage you to start writing again.
The pen is mightier than the sword.

Umbrella Movement and these climbers is what HK is all about and making all HKers proud.

the authorities are nothing more than puppets.

Only way I see HK having a brighter future is to go independent. Start by building lots desalination plant along HK, second start more food production in HK rely less on PRC Chinese imports,

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