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Only one rich business man dares

It was recently disclosed in the media that Jimmy Lai, the media mogul behind HK’s Apple Daily, a major Chinese newspaper, is the main sponsor of all pro-democracy parties here. In the elections for the Legislative Council seats, about 60 per cent of the votes go to pro-democracy parties. You would guess, under the circumstances, the business sector or some rich business people would give some support and donation to the pro-democracy parties. Yet, only one rich businessman in the whole Hong Kong dares to donate to them and that is Jimmy Lai.

The reason? All the others are too afraid to anger Beijing who see the pro-democracy elements as its enemies.

So it follows that Jimmy Lai has instantly become the target of attacks in the China-supported media, such as Wen Wei Pao, and Tai Kung Pao. Their editorial and article titles include “Jimmy Lai uses money to rig election”, “Why Jimmy Lai has to escape in haste” and “Jimmy Lai’s book reveals his strategy of controlling the opposition camp”. It reminds me of the era of cultural revolution in China when organized and coordinated attacks of individuals deemed anti-revolution were the order of the day.

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Thank you for a really great blog! In January I’m going to Hong Kong and City University for an exchange semester, so excited! I really appreciate all the places you’re writing about, looking forward to visit them! What’s your top ten in Hong Kong? Thank you!

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