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Organic farmers’ markets in Hong Kong

The organic farmers’ markets are expanding in HK. Now there are at least three markets across the city, selling the produce of local organic farmers:

1. The organic farmers’ market in Taipo, every Sunday, 9am-5pm

This surely is the largest in scale, but is a bit far from the city.

2. The organic farmers’ market in Star Ferry pier, Central

Previously open on Sunday only, it is now also open on Wednesday. It is a bit of walking from Central MTR station.

3. Mei Foo Farm Fest, every Sunday, 11am-5pm

The newest of the three, this market is quite easy to reach. After leaving the exit C2 of Mei Foo MTR station, walk across the Mount Sterling Mall (萬事達廣場)in the direction of Kwai Chung Road. The market is under the elevated highway, on the Mei Foo section of Kwai Chung Road. Green living / farming activities are held in this market. In June, there was Corn Festival promoting the corn harvesting season.

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