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Outdoor Organic Produce Market

The organic produce market in Taipo, near Tai Woo train station

Hong Kong has two outdoor organic produce markets. One is in the Star Ferry Pier in Central, the other in Taipo. Both markets are open only on Sundays, and the one in Taipo is relatively larger. It has more characters too.

Locally produced organic soaps

Most of the stalls in the Taipo market sell locally produced vegetables, fresh from the field, from eggplants, cucumbers to all sort of seasonal vegetables. Other organic stuff such as fruits (wampee and lychee, for example), drinks, hair dyes and skin products are also on sale here. The market is a fun place to explore, but do not expect it to be large – it has probably about 30 stalls only.

Located in New Territories, it is a bit remote though. But the market does provide you an opportunity to discover Hong Kong’s seasonal vegetables and fruits, and come face to face with Hong Kong’s organic farmers whose number is really minimal. Most of the vegetables you can find in Hong Kong’s supermarkets or any markets, sadly, come from China. To find fresh vegetables produced in Hong Kong, this Taipo market is one of the very few choices.

How to get to Taipo Outdoor Organic Produce Market

Despite its remoteness, the market is easy to get to. Get off at Tai Woo MTR station of the East Rail line; take exit B, which will lead you into a shopping mall. When you step out of the shopping mall, turn right. Before you see two petrol stations, turn left and you will find the market. It is only a 5-minute walk from the Tai Woo MTR train station.

The photo at the right shows the path leading to the entrance of the market, which is right behind the vehicles.

If you are not sure, ask the staff at the Customer Service Counter in the shopping mall for direction. Tell them you want to go to 農墟 (agricultural market), and they will be happy to give you guidance.

The market opens from 9am to 5pm on Sundays.

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