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Paper offering shops and lanterns

The Mid-Autumn Festival has just passed. This entry may come a bit late in offering tips on where to buy traditional Chinese lanterns for the Festival. Well, keep this for next year then.

In Sheung Wan, along the Queen’s Road East (between the Jocky Club Polyclinic, 134 Queen’s Road East and Wilmer Street), there are several shops which sell Chinese funeral paper offerings, a traditional craft in town. These offerings, in the shape of material wealth, such as cars, houses and clothes, are burned at the funeral so as to give blessings to the deceased in their afterlife.

However, prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival, these shops will also sell lanterns, the traditional paper lanterns as well as modern lanterns. The shop owners hang the lanterns inside and outside of the shops, creating a very colorful street view.

The shops are also worth a visit if you are interested in traditional craft.

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There are a few such shops all in a row on the Queen’s Rd West. Take a Sheng Wan MTR station exit. Walk to the Queen’s Rd West. Go in the western direction. You won’t miss them as they hang a lot of paper stuff over the sidewalk. Pls visit next month before the moon festival. you won’t miss the color scene.

I would like to visit these shops. Could you get me the exact location on map or something ?

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