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Park with bike rental

Taipo Waterfront Park is the only park in Hong Kong that has bike rental service. It is a great place for renting a bike and cycling around, especially for families. You can cycle towards Shatin, or further to Taipo from here, most of the time along the waterfront.

A bike shop is located near the waterfront, next to the bike trail. It allows you to return your bike at the same bike shop in Tai Mei Tuk, Taipo, which is about one hour bike ride away, or in Shatin.

The day I was in the park (a Sunday), I saw many kites flying high. So it must be a good place for kite flying too. For more information about the park, check out here.

How to get to Taipo Waterfront Park:

Get off at Taipo MTR station of the East Rail Line. Take a taxis and it will cost you less than HK$20 and take 10 minutes to get to the park.

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