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Pavilion of Harmony

new asia pavilionUnion of man and nature (天人合一) is a traditional Chinese philosophy concept about the harmony between man and nature. To experience what it is like, you can go visit the New Asia College in The Chinese University of Hong Kong in New Territories. It has a “Pavilion of Harmony”, which is a beautiful embodiment of the concept.

The College is situated atop a mountain, and so is the Pavilion. Visitors can see the Tolo Harbour from the pavilion and the pond in front shows the reflection of the sky and sea in the same colour. The whole set up makes you feel like being an integral part of the nature. “The Theory of the Union of Man and Nature” by Dr. Ch’ien Mu, the founder of the College, also a prominent philosopher of contemporary China, is inscribed on the wall.

Among all the colleges in Chinese University, a reputed university in Hong Kong, New Asia College is famous for its education in Chinese philosophy and Chinese culture. The existence of such a pavilion to represent the spirit of the college is not a coincidence. Because the effect created is so harmonious and special, the Pavilion has gained fame in the local community and is becoming a tourist attraction. It has been drawing visitors, particularly during the weekend.

Anyway, Chinese University, surrounded by Tolo Harbour, has the most beautiful university campus in Hong Kong. It is worth a visit.

How to get there:

Take the MTR East Rail line, and get off at University Station.

Outside the station, you will see queues for shuttle buses bringing you uphill.  Or you can visit the Chung Ki College, which is at the bottom of the mountain, before boarding the shuttle bus. All the restaurants on campus are open to visitors. If you are brave enough, just walk up. It would be a 15-20 minute uphill walk before you can reach the Central Campus, and another 1o minute walk before you reach New Asia College.

Here’s the schedule for shuttle bus:

Here’s the map of the University:

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