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Picasso and Secret Garden to be in HK

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is going to present the exhibition “Picasso – Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris” from 19 May to 22 July. Each viewing session is only two hours during the weekend. For details, check out here.

Another heavyweight exhibition to be staged in Hong Kong is “A Lofty Retreat from the Red Dust: The Secret Garden of Emperor Qianlong”, from 22 June to 14 October, in Hong Kong Museum of Art. It will feature 77 sets of painting and calligraphy, furniture, mural paintings, architectural elements and religious art on loan from the Palace Museum, Beijing. The Garden was located in the northeastern corner of the Forbidden City, built by Emperor Qianlong (reigning from 1735 to 1796) for his enjoyment in retirement. For details, pls see here.

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