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Porcelain relics

Wun Yiu, Tai Po (大埔碗窰)is the only kiln site that produced porcelain in underglaze blue currently found in Hong Kong. Part of the area where kiln’s remains discovered was declared as monument in 1983. The industry of producing porcelain started in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) by two clans, Man and Tse. The business then was sold to the clan of Ma, who witnessed the decline of the industry in the early 1900s due to competition from kilns in Guangdong.

the grinder used in Wun Yiu's old time of porcelain industry
the grinder used in Wun Yiu’s old time of porcelain industry

The kiln site at Wun Yiu was doomed because the clay used to produce porcelain was not of high quality, and hence the finished products were not of very high quality, losing out to quality and inexpensive porcelain products from such famous kilns as Jing De (景德陶瓷) in Guangdong Province. The kilns at Wun Yiu ceased operation in 1932.

At the height of Wun Yiu’s industry, porcelain wares were exported as well as sold (57)photo 1 (8) photo 5 (4)Today at the site stands a small museum documenting the history of porcelain industry in Wun Yiu. admin-ajax

Near the museum, you can still see relics of porcelain wares, showing that the government has not done enough to preserve the site.

Do not miss the visit of Fan Sin Temple (樊仙宮) which is one of its kind in Hong Kong. The temple, near the museum, honors the masters (three brothers surnamed Fan) who taught the clan people the craft of porcelain 4 (4) The temple was believed to be built by the clan of Man with a history of two hundred years. It has been declared a monument by Hong Kong Government.

How to get there:

Take minibus No. 23 from Tai Po Market Station. Get off when you see the sign of Fan Sin Temple.  photo (56)Follow the sign and you will first see the museum and then the temple.

For more information, check out here.

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