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Quiet corner for coffee

You are looking for a quiet corner for coffee in Hong Kong? This would be the place: Wanchai. As one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong, the area is impossible for weekdays, except weekends.

I like coming here for coffee on a weekend. There are three coffee shops in a row here, facing the Gloucester Road. They are Caffe HABITU, Pacific Coffee and Starbucks, which represent the top three coffee-shop chains in the city, with the former two being a Hong Kong brand. Caffe HABITU is an Italian-themed coffee shop, offering also simple and light menu such as sandwich and pasta. Pacific Coffee has as many branches as Starbucks in Hong Kong, with ambitious plans to expand in the mainland.On weekends, the shops see few customers, especially in the morning. The last time I visited one of the shops, there was only one customer inside. It was 11am. All the three coffee-shops have big windows, allowing you to see the traffic and people flow while sipping your coffee.

How to get there
Address: 77-79 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Take exit A1 of Wanchai MTR station. Stepping out of the station, you see O’Brien Road extending from you towards the Gloucester Road. Walk along the very short O’Brien Road until you come to Gloucester Road, and turn left. The coffee shops are right there.

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Cafe O in Sheung Wan, 284 Queen’s Road, is also a quiet cafe. ‘Probably because many of the customers are using the cafe’s computer terminals to surf the net.

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