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Revisiting Tai O (part 1)

It must be ten years ago when I last visited Tai O, a fishing town on the western end of Lantau Island. It seems that there are now more tourists here, more seafood produce on sale and a wide variety of snacks to beckon to visitors.

What is more, there are now boat trips for tourists. The whole place is bustling during the weekend.

It however still retains a flavour that is unique. At every corner, you can see dry fish, in their varied forms of hanging and drying:

Dry shrimp on the bike and shrimp paste stored in containers after containers:

And dry egg yolk:

And dry egg yolk and fish:

It is delightfully colorful.

By Anna

With a wanderlust and lusts of other sorts, I look to sth new, sth different, sth fulfilling, and find myself on a journey...

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