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Riot police used to crush student protesters

(updated at 9:13am, 28 Sept)

A revolution is brewing in Hong Kong, as the Beijing-backed CY Leung government is using riot police and pepper spray to crush the student democracy movement. The excessive violence used by the police against the students (many of them secondary students) can only drive more people to turn up for fighting for democracy and freedom in the city. Thousands of people are now converging at the Government Headquarters to protest against the CY Leung government and police’s excessive violence against students.

The charismatic high-school student leader Joashua Wong was arrested and handcuffed away yesterday, and has been denied bail after being charged with three counts of offences (as of updat time 9am 28 Sept) . His place (a small room he shared with his younger brother) was searched by police for two hours, and his computer and hard discs, etc. were taken away. According to the witnesses, the police searched everywhere and everything in his room, including his underwear. The police has been treating Wong, a 17-year-old, like a dangerous criminal! His parents issued a statement saying this is political persecution, especially for a 17-year old kid who has been an activist for pursuing a better HK.

What Leung’s government is doing can only make people explode with anger and the Occupy Central movement will happen, attracting more people to join. In fact, the Occupy Admiralty movement has happened. Hong Kong is entering a civil disobedience era where people will have to fight the uncivilized and authoritarian rule of the CY Leung and Beijing government without resorting to violence.

China President Xi said yesterday that Taiwan should be reunited with China using the one country two systems formula. What a big joke while HK is showing to the world that one country two systems fails miserably. I hope the Taiwanese know at least that one country two systems will never work and Beijing can never be trusted.

Btw, when CY Leung was bidding to be the chief executive of Hong Kong with another candidate not too long ago, he was cited as saying that the riot police would have to be used for suppression. He denied at that time. Now we all know how true it is. The riot police is now in town.

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