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Savor HK’s invention – new style mooncakes

If you are visiting Hong Kong, try the annual festive food mooncakes in celebration of the Moon Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival) which fall on 3 October this year. It is the custom here that moon cakes are sold well before the festival. So from now until 3 October, you have plenty of opportunity to have a sampling. Don’t miss the new style mooncakes made with ice cream with all sorts of fillings, which are Hong Kong’s invention.

The bakery that creates the new style mooncakes is called Taipan , whose branches are located across HK, including inside the MTR stations. Because they are so popular, now many bakeries also sell the non-traditional mooncakes, with creation of all sorts of flavors. But coming to new style mooncakes, Taipan is still the leading brand.

As for the traditional mooncakes, try Maxim’s cake shops which are ubiquitous, and can be found inside almost every MTR station, or Kee Wah Bakery , or WingWah.

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I enjoyed the spot about the mooncakes. I assume you saw the ones by G.O.D. as well Quite cheeky. Anyway, I found your blog while searching for HK politics blogs. I am always glad to see people bringing these important issues to a wider audience, especially given how quickly things seem to quiet down locally. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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