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Shameless lie

Three Hong Kong journalists were pinned down to the ground, kicked and punched by police when they reported on the recent unrest in Urumqi, Xinjiang province. The insult and assault were captured on the camera. They were later tied up and taken away to a police station.

But according to the Xinjiang authority, their police had done nothing wrong. To the contrary, it was the fault of the journalists because they were found “giving orders” to protesters. Also the three had refused to present their journalist’s licences to police. So they were detained.

The authority came to the conclusion after conducting an investigation, according to Xinjiang information office head Hou Hanmin.

The TV stations which employ the three journalists protested against the claim and the fabrication, saying all their journalists had valid reporter licenses and in fact they showed them in order not to be beaten and detained. As for the claim of the three “giving order” to the demonstrators, that is plainly fabrication no intelligent mind would believe and only the foolish and the shameless would make.

If you want to have a good understanding about China’s freedom of press, about the standard of governance of local governments, about the true nature of China rising as a global power, about the lack of sense of security living and working in the country, look no further than this case.

Good luck travelling and living in China.

This video in Cantonese reveals the shameless lie told by the Xinjiang authority.

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