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Shenzhen Metro reaches airport

You now have a new way to reach Shenzhen Airport from Hong Kong, or vice versa. This time, all the way by train.

Shenzhen Metro (the city’s subway system) ’s Luobao (罗宝) Line (line 1, the green line) has come into full operation since mid-June, linking Shenzhen Airport to Luohu (the line’s first and last stations). That means, you can now take the Shenzhen Metro all the way form Airport East station to Luohu (罗湖)  station, where you cross over to Hong Kong side’s Lo Wu and take Hong Kong’s train system (called MTR) which brings you to the city.

Or vice versa. Take the train to Lo Wu, cross border, and hop on the Shenzhen Metro, take Line 1, and you will come to Shenzhen Airport.

The journey time for Luobao Line is 68 minutes. The map here will give you a clear idea of the train lines.

Taking direct bus is currently a popular way of reaching Shenzhen Airport from Hong Kong. See this post. Now that Shenzhen’s underground system has reached Shenzhen airport, this may change.

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Hi Anna, I am leaving for Shenzhen shortly. I am all set and ready. However, I am a bit concerned about the border crossing from Lo Wu @ HK side to Shenzhen on the Mainland China. I have all the necessary travel documents in place already though.
Anyways, any inputs shall be much appreciated for a smoother journey.

Dear Anna,

I am so glad to find your blog and your posted useful information.

I am going to visit Shenzhen on 13-18 October 2013 and plan to visit HK on 18-20 October then back to Shenzhen on 20 October to take my flight back to Bangkok. It is my first time to visit Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I applied for double visa for China.

I am a bit worry about planning time to across between Shenzhen-Hong Kong.

Would you please advise me..
– at Luo hu station, is it easy to find the cross-over border to Hong Kong?
– How long does it take for immigration?
– is it easy to get a ticket? Do you have any recommend for buying ticket.
– How long does it take from Luo Hu to Lo Wu Station?
– after the cross-over, is it easy to find the train station Lo Wu?
I would like to catch a train to Tsim Sha Tsui station.

Anna, thank you in advance for your assistance.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Bangkok, Thailand

Do you think is it crowded to take the Line One on 9am Saturday to the Shenzhen airport? I’m now thinking of which forms of transportation will be the fastest to SZ airport. If take bus, it will take 3 hours from Hong Kong. If takes HK takes MTR to Lowu is one hour, then 68 minutes by SZ Metro to SZ airport. It looks like it will be faster. what do you think? If I take taxi in Lowu to SZ airport, do you know how much will it cost?
from HK


I learnt from newspapers that the line’s service is evey four mintues on average. so getting a ticket is not a problem. this is the same with the hong kong train. no worries. you can easily find the cross-over boarder to hong kong. just follow the signs and the crowd. train tickets for hong kong trains are easy to get too. you buy and you get on the train.

Dear Anna,

Great and usefull blog you have. I have some question about the way from shenzhen airport to Hong Kong. When you fly to Shenzhen Boa’an Internatioal airport and you want to take the metro to Luohu station:
– is it easy to find Airport East metro station from the arrival hall?
– is it easy to get a ticket?
– so the journey take 68 minutes?
– at arrival at Luohou station is it easy to find the cross-over border to Hong Kong?
– after the cross-over (how long does this take?)is it easy to find the train station Lo Wu?
– train tickets are easy to get?

Hopefull you can provide me this information. Much thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

From the Netherlands

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