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Short-term apartment rental in China

short term apartment rental in ChinaThe best way to rent an apartment for short-term in China is through internet. If you travel in China and want to stay in a city for a few days, you can seriously consider renting an apartment.First, you will have the benefit of living in a neighbourhood and hence observing the local life first-hand. Second, it is good value for money. The price you pay is cheaper than staying in a hotel but you can have all the comforts of living at home.

Take Hangzhou for instance. A clean, well-furnished apartment equipped with internet connection as shown in the photo above costs only 150 yuan per day.

Many major cities in China have a growing supply of such apartments, catering to the increasing demand in the domestic market. This has prompted the mushrooming of short-term rental websites, most of them in Chinese. So if you can read Chinese, this will be a great way for you to rent an apartment. There are some websites offering both Chinese and English versions, but the English version is much more brief.

This is a website I once used, which has a very comprehensive coverage of all the major cities in China. It has an English version, which has much less listing than the Chinese version, though.

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Dear Friend:
I will come me and my family to hong kong for buisness in shenzhen & zhuhai and i’m looking for 2 bed rooms luxe apartment but i don’t know where i can stay in middle of above areas so i need your suggest and helping me to make choice … and i will stay one month and apartment must be modern furnitured and have a perfect view & wifi internet etc…

Best Regards

Dear Friend,

I’m a Malaysian born Chinese and I will be visiting Hangzhou with my family in early December. I would be glad if you can suggest a few 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartments for rental and we need it just for 4 nights. The apartment has to be close to the city and must have internet access. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

hi i am coming to china shenzhen for 10 days
need to rent apartment in nice secured loaction for forigners
with window and modern furniture and must have internet acess

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