A trail with unique landscape

Route: from Ma On Shan Village (馬鞍山村)to Shui Long Wo(水浪窩) 
Length: 8 km
The number of hours taken: 4 
Date: 24 December, 2011I was mesmerized by this hiking trail which offers breathtaking mountain view and enchanting and unique landscape of Hong Kong.

To arrive at Ma On Shan Village, the starting point, the easiest way is to take taxi from Ma On Shan MTR station (HK$40). Tell the driver that you want to get to the terminus of the village bus (NR84).

The bus village only operates three times in the morning (8am, 9am, and 10:30am) between the village and Sunshine City Bus Terminal (新港城巴士站),near the Ma On Shan MTR station. Bus fare is HK$5.

the intersection

There is a staircase next to the village bus terminus. Follow it and start your trekking. After about 20 minutes, you will come to an intersection with a pavilion, the start of the MacLehose Trail. Go the direction of Kei Ling Ha (企嶺下). This also marks the start of the MacLehose Trail’s fourth section. MacLehose Trail is a hiking trail that crosses much of New Territories, named after the longest serving Hong Kong governor Crawford Murray MacLehose.

You will soon start the ascent of a hill after leaving the intersection. The ascent is not steep, not a difficult climb.

the path after leaving the intersection

When you come to the top, you see Pyramid Hill (536m) at your right and Wan Cook Shan (Winding Hill, 592m) at your left. What a view here! The hills further from the Winding Hill are Ma On Shan (Saddle Hill,702M ).

Overlooking Ma On Shan town
Looking back at Pyramid Hill
On Winding Hill, towards Ma An Shan
The weeds at the foothill of Ma On Shan
Winding Hill with Ma On Shan at the edge

At the foothill of Ma On Shan, there is a sign pointing to Shui Long Wo. Follow it or you will have to ascend Ma On Shan. From here it is all downhill.

A glimpse of Sai Kung on the way going downhill

You will walk a tree lined path before you come to a concrete road which is the area of Wong Chuk Yueng (黃竹洋). Turn right and carry on.Then a television antenna tower appears. In its shadow lies the Chuk Yueng Road (竹洋路).Follow Chuk Yueng Road to go downhill. At the first intersection, turn left to the “Kei Ling Ha Forest Track”. There is a barricade at the start of the track to prevent vehicles from entering. So it is easy to recognize.

the Forest Track leading to Sai Sha Road

It takes about 20-30 minutes before you finally reach Sai Sha Road (西沙路) after passing by a camping site and a bbq site. At Sai Sha road, you can take No. 99 or No. 299 bus to Shatin, or Wu Kai Sha MTR station (all in one direction, with the bus stop at the side of your exit from the MacLehose Trail) or to Sai Kung, the opposite direction.

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Indeed a beautiful trail, but unfortunately was foggy when we were there yesterday. There were a lot of local HK elderly hikers on this trail. They don’t give way, spoke loudy and hiked with their radio on which was pretty annoying.

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